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Your hosts: Brett & Fiona Hannaford

Bellingen Farmstay
417 Martells Road
Bellingen NSW 2454
Phone: (02) 6655 2786
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Fiona was a lovely, warm and helpful host who made us feel right at home. We enjoyed catching up at the morning animal-feeding sessions and then heading off on our daily adventures.
We had a beautiful time at Bellingen Farmstay and highly recommend it.
Francis - O’Brien Family, Brisbane, January 2015

O'Brien Family 2015

Bellingen Farmstay Guest Information

Bellingen Farmstay is a working farmPlease take a moment to read the following important information regarding your stay in our beautiful part of the world.

This is a working farm and therefore hazards about. Please be mindful of the following:-

  • Bellingen Farmstay animalsWear shoes at all times.
  • Children are not permitted in the paddocks without adult supervision and attendance.
  • Please WALK around the animals.
  • Children are free to roam about the fenced five acres however, adult supervision is always required.
  • River/dam activities require adult supervision and if using the boat/kayak – lifejackets are to be worn at all times. Please also let us know which way you are heading and when you anticipate returning. Please return the boats, turn upside down and tie up to the pole provided. Bring back the life jackets and oars please.Bellingen Farmstay
  • When leaving the paddocks or property please ensure all gates are locked – as you found them
  • Please report any damages or breakages
  • No admittance under the main house
  • We use tank water so please use sparingly. The water in the kitchen and bathroom is rainwater and safe to drink. Bore water operates the laundry and toilet and it is recommended that you do not drink it – it can appear brown some times.
  • Please do not put any sanitary items down the toilet – use the bin provided, do not use any bleaches or chemicals.
  • We are conscious of our carbon footprint so please be mindful of your use of electricity and turn off, where possible. Bellingen Farmstay pasturePlease use the clothes line and drying racks provided to dry clothing, where possible. We reserve the right to enter your accommodation and turn off items you have left on, when you go out.
  • No animals/birds of any kind permitted inside
  • Please leave furniture where it is or return it to how you found it
  • We provide basic starter essentials on arrival, e.g. complimentary tea, coffee, personal soaps, couple of toilet rolls, bin liners, a small amount of dishwashing liquid however, your accommodation is self-contained and as such you need to supply all items you would require in running your own home.

This information is provided to enable you to plan for your stay and enjoy your time safely. We thank you for taking these necessary precautions. We trust you will enjoy your stay.